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ivy asked in SportsRunning · 9 months ago

I started running! I need advice.?

So, I have the mile run coming up in about a month and a 1/2 so I started running for the first time ever. I love on a trail that goes on for miles and miles so that’s convenient. About a week ago I started running everyday. I downloaded an app it’s called “Couch potato to 5k”. It’s been good for me. It gives me more energy throughout the day but today exactly a week in was so painful to run. I usually eat a really healthy balanced meal, but running has never been easy for me. But the past 2 days have been amazing and it wasn’t hard at all but then today hit and it was so painful I ran for 2.5 minutes then walked for 2.5 minutes 4 times and I was done but every second of it was so painful. Maybe it was because I ate a VERY high fiber diet today but when I started running my ribs started hurting so bad and I couldn’t hardly breath so I went slower but that was even harder...any advice? I weigh like 190lbs and I’m 5’3 so I’m not athletically built but that’s never been a problem before...please have answers for me! Xoxo

2 Answers

  • .
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Good couch to 5K programs don't have your running daily. Especially as an overweight, newbie, you risk injury. 3 - 4x a week is plenty.

    I have been taking a local live C25K program over and over, because i enjoy the social aspect and it helped me get back into running 2-1/2 yrs ago.

    Start with intervals (run/walk) and build up to running continuously, if that's your goal. I like intervals and can travel a distance faster than if I run continuously.

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  • Adam D
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Sounds like a side stitch. You might want to leave a little more time between eating/drinking and running. I typically stop drinking any liquids about a half hour before running. If you're drinking water regularly throughout the day, you're in no risk of dehydration until you get out to 45+ minutes of physical activity, so it isn't a big deal not to drink gallons of water right up until you start like many people think you need - and in fact, that can cause side stitches and stomach cramps.

    Remember to breathe deeply when running. You want to take your diaphragm through its full range of motion. If you get a side stitch, all you can do is slow down, and take deep, "belly" breaths.

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