Acid reflux, could it be an early pregnancy symptom?

I’ve been TTC for some time now and recently I’ve been experiencing a lump in throat type feeling even when I swallow and it won’t go away. It’s been making me feel nauseous and it’s weird because I’ve never had this happen before.

Has anyone experienced acid reflux as an early pregnancy symptom even before a missed period?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Acid reflex in pregnancy is usually a third trimester issue. It is caused by the baby pushing on the stomach and causing stomach acid to travel upward to the throat.

    Acid reflex would not likely be the first early symptom.

    There are no reliable early pregnancy symptoms. There is no symptom before the missing period and a positive test that would guarantee that you are pregnant. ALL possible early pregnancy symptoms can and do happen for other reasons.

    Even if you do end up being pregnant - it doesn't mean that pregnancy was causing this issue. While pregnant - not everything that happens is because of pregnancy.

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