How do court and prosecutors have time to tried old people who commit serious crime?

For average middle age. Sure they will accept plea bargain because they know they will come out from prison before they died.

I'm talking about 75 to 90 years old who got arrested for very serious crime. Likely they won't accept any offers from prosecutor because they will die soon from old age anyway.

So how case different when prosecute old people compare with young?

Example: 88 years old got arrested for murder as capital crime. Now this 88 years old guy will say no point accept guilty to avoid et death penalty. Likely he gonna say let go get trial by jury and hope will find not guilty.

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  • 3 months ago
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    Equal under the law is the standard for both the accused and the prosecutors. Anything less is against the principles of Western Civilization legal and moral values.

    But in Communist China, it might be different. The reason why the Hong Kong protests of sovereignty intrusion by Beijing is that it has been a habit of the legal system on the mainland to trump up more serious charges against accused whom they don't like. So if a Hong Kong resident promoting democracy is sent to the mainland for prosecution of something like jaywalking, he/she might suddenly be tried for crimes against the people or even spying for the West. It has happened before.

    And the Communist Chinese are fond of having the surviving relatives pay for the bullet that does an execution.

    Source(s): My cousin, who was almost 70 then, was sent to federal slammer because he pushed his girlfriend. She was a court reporter who knew the right people. He was jailed on a no bail charge since he had passed a bad check 45 years previously, and he lived with his son who possessed a gun. He did not do well because of his heart condition. He was released 10 months later with charge dropped. He died soon after.
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