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How does one regulate humidity for their snake when they live in a climate with high humidity?

So.. I'm pretty interested in getting a snake, specifically a ball python/royal python and what what I've seen they like their general humidity to be in the 60's but from what I've found my general humidity is in the 80 which would make sense since it rains here.. a lot. We got a lot of trees. Idk 😅

So anyway there's not much info out there on how to bring humidity down as there is to bring it up sooo if anyone has any suggestions that'd be great. I'm definitely looking into getting a dehumidifier but other than that I'm not sure what else I can do 🤷

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  • 6 months ago

    You can try a small ceramic heat emitter to dry out the enclosure a bit. When it's in shed you can remove it as 80% humidity will help it in that scenario.

    Also if you use belly heat the enclosure might dry out a bit too. Try setting the vivarium up normally and see what the humidity is first, then either get a small dehumidifier for the room or the aforementioned emitter.

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  • Jack H
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    6 months ago

    Try a chat with your nearest reptile shop, well done asking for information before just jumping in...

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