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Wrestling: When did disliking something popular translate to only disliking something because it's popular?

I watched Double or Nothing and wasn't impressed, a gigantic fckin sin apparently because for some reason I've been labeled 'Dave'? FYI my names Sylvia, not Dave. I like plenty of non-WWE wrestlers by the way, Christopher Daniels for example. None the less, I don't 'just' dislike AEW because it's popular.

Outside of 'The Fiend' I don't even care of WWE product much right now truth be told.

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    Dead Rising 4 is a terrible game. It is not even a Dead Rising game.

    edit - Is this NathanVonKarp216, who was banned from the Dead Rising subreddit and created the Unofficial Dead Rising subreddit?

    Or is this the suspiciously similar TheTinManAngus, who was also banned from the Dead Rising subreddit and created the Dead Rising Discussions subreddit?

    Because Groove Thing has similar writing skills as NathanVonKarp216 and TheTinManAngus, who both have the same skills as Dave Hytmen.

    edit - As you may have heard, he was a condescending man who held his own opinions above everyone else. He claimed to be a video game critic, but that was a lie as he never once provided a link to any of his reviews. He claimed that he sent the reviews to the game publishers directly, which would mean he has copies of his reviews but he never posted them online, unlike every other critic out there.

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    You know who disliked most non-WWE wrestlers but liked Christopher Daniels? Dave Hytmen

    You know who disliked The Stinger? Dave Hytmen

    You know who was that insecure WWE fan who spent his time on Yahoo answers criticizing non-WWE wrestling promotions in order to elevated WWE? Dave Hytmen

    You're pretending you're a female now? I have a hard time believing someone writing question just like him and having the same opinions would be someone else. You're not fooling anyone, Dave.

    Also what in wrestling do you like Dave if you're not that interested in WWE? For someone who spend his time in a wrestling forums, do you hate 95% of the wrestling product?

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