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Reality check: 5 days in Italy?

I'm planning a trip where I start from Nice and go east into Italy but only have 5 days. I'm thinking of hitting up Cinque Terre and then either going east to Pisa and Florence or going north to Milan and the Italian-Swiss lakes region. What do you suggest?

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    I was just in Italy in all of those places, including Nice. I'd recommend Milan and Lake Como, spending no more than one day in Milan. Beyond the church there really isn't all that much to see. The rest of your time would be well-spent in Lake Como.

    CInque Terre requires its own slot of time for at least 3 days, same with Florence. I tried to shove CInque Terre and Florence into a weekend and had fun but ultimately it would've been better to just pick a location.

  • Toruko
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    3 months ago

    Just do 5 days of Rome.

    Including stepping off #64

    to walk into the Vatican City


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    Yes, that definitely needs a reality check,

    Nice into Italy.......okay, nice drive along the coast until you get to Imperia or so, then you're just better off getting on the Auto-Strada.

    Cinque Terra.........okay........but keep in mind, they were recently hit with a pretty destructive natural disaster, and don't know how recovery efforts are coming along. The place could still be a mess........but that was awhile I am sure they have jury rigged things since , at least......

    On to Florence and Pisa.........okay.........plan on just running thru both places and grabbing a postcard, or do you plan on actually stopping for 5 minutes, to actually SEE both places?

    because you still want to do Milan and THEN the lakes region?

    You said 5 days.......not 5 weeks or 50 days.

    If you RUSH thru time included.......your journey ends in MILAN.

    You can forget the lake don't have that kind of time.

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    That's a lot of traveling in very little time. Are you driving? You can see a lot while you drive, which is good, but driving in Italian cities is not for the faint of heart, especially Florence. I spent a month near Florence once and didn't begin to see anything. You certain want at least one full day in each of the towns- preferably 2. Nice and Ville Franche are beautiful and worth a couple of days. I would spend the rest of the time in Cinque Terre , OR stop in Pisa and go to Florence for 2 days.

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    Pia and Florence is a good choice because there'll be less travel time involved. You might consider Lucca instead of or in addition to Pisa.

  • John
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    3 months ago

    Nice, one day. Travel to Cinque Terra, one day. Stay there, one day, that's 3 days. Travel through Pisa to Florence, one day..... You figure it out.

  • Anonymous
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