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Alternate history to turn 2008 recession into 10 year global depression and turmoil? Potentially viable?

2008, mortgage crisis occurs

bailout doesn’t occur

Government declares national emergency and stops banks form foreclosing and lets people remain in their homes

Banks collapse, total economic collapse

Us prints money to pay national debt, hyperinflation collapses US dollar

Collateral damage to china’s economy causes a total collapse causes China to declare war on US

February 2009, the great February war occurs, China’s army outnumbers us, and us decides to use nuclear strikes on troop ships before they reach us soil,

China launches all of its nuclear warheads and destroys every us west coast city, us launches missiles to destroy most Chinese industrial capacity and ports,

Total war death toll 1.2 billion, us wins war,

2009 is known as the autumn year because of the smoke from the war causing a nuclear autumn leading to high food prices and very little consumer spending. Us becomes command economy to feed the population,

2010, comet lovejoy found to be on collision course with Mumbai India, evacuations and panic ensue, refugees lead to India Pakistan war, both countries now out of missiles cannot deflect the inevitable comet

July 4th 2011, comet lovejoy about 1200 feet in diameter and traveling extremely fast slams into Mumbai, much of India destroyed and mega tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

Dust from the crater launched into space creating the Silver Rain Meteor Shower of 2011 which is seen across the world. Dust causes 7 year cold depression

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    Sure. If Obama hadn't bailed out the banks and the auto industry, and taken a hundred other steps to put the brakes on the free fall, it sure could have happened the way you posit it. But wait! There's a pretty fair chance for another such event right around the corner, with the idiot tariffs and trade wars, there are numerous indicators of another recession coming soon to a world near you!

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