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Are humans disrupting the natural order of things or are humans perfectly natural and so to are our actions?

With evolution are we still evolving constantly just not in a more "natural" way like animals would do in the wild, evolution is consistent, even if you have diabetes or something which if you had in the wild you would most likely die and be eliminated from the gene pool but now days we have medicine/treatments for that stuff?

Is our medicine and hospitals and healthcare preventing proper evolution from happening?

So where are we headed towards with evolution? People will always be dying and reproducing I assume so who will survive to dominate the gene pool

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    There is no "natural order". There is no "proper" or "improper" evolution. There is no big secret behind-the-scenes plan that we are helping or harming. That's not how anything works at all.

    Don't waste time about how things are "supposed" to be "naturally", because those concepts are meaningless fantasy. Instead, we should be worrying about the consequences of our actions, which science allows us to predict, and making choices accordingly.

  • Zirp
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    4 months ago

    We are rendering the planet uninhabitable. There's nothing "natural" about that.

    evolution is NOT "consistent". We are so inbred (thanks to going almost extinct) that hereditary diseases stay with us. Even if we hadn't sent millions of healthy people into world-wars, those diseases would exist

  • Cowboy
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    4 months ago

    Humans are evolving culturally to the point that it interacts with our population's biological evolution. Unfortunately the interaction is mostly negative and may eventually be the means of our extinction.

  • chris
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    4 months ago

    We "are" still evolving, but modern medicine is preventing the removal of flawed genes from the pool which mixes with the evolved genes and slows the process.

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  • 4 months ago

    Yes, humans are very much having a negative impact on nature. In a way it is natural only because humans are here, well at least for this moment.

  • God
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    4 months ago

    Everything that happens disrupts the world. I don't know what "natural" is.

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