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New horses?

How to receive horses and settle them into a new yard?

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  • John
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    4 months ago

    Set up the yard for them. They will need s little space after the transport.

    A good way is to take time unloading. Handle each horse as you take it in. Stroke, talk, brush, pet, until each is relaxed and feels comfortable.

    First impression you know makes a world of difference so you want each animals first impression one that instills confidence in you and they're new surroundings.

  • 4 months ago

    Just a heads up but I would have them vet ted or get a health certificate from the owner. A lady at the barn I worked in made this mistake. Ten days later there was an outbreak out strangles, the new horses went down with it first. One woman lost her 6 month old foal and almost the mother as well.

    How you do it is up to you. But I quarantine new horses for 14 days or a month if their backstory is hazy. Worm them and treat for parasites (like lice). I mostly leave them alone for a few days just to let them settle in. Then start grooming, maybe get teeth and feet checked.

    Then I'll put them in a paddock next to the other horses. I prefer to not stable them together as it's not a safe environment for kicking and pawing - too confined and horses will be horses. I have some mares who like to squeal and cow kick.

    After a few days I let them into a safe paddock together. I remove things like buckets that can be kicked or tripped over, I round of the corners of the fencing so no one gets trapped in a corner during the crazy session (if it occurs). Take off all head collars. Then I let them get on with it. I supervise.

    Most of the time it will go quite peacefully. I've noticed when it comes to young geldings being introduced things can get out of hand, because they may have never been introduced to a new herd before and haven't learnt how to act.

    All the best

  • Hope
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    4 months ago

    First i would give them a little space. Not too much sos they wont settle in too much before getting to know the horse.

  • Snezzy
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    4 months ago

    Good stuff to know if you are going to be getting horses, but if you have to learn it all here on Yahoo Answers you are not ready for horses at all.

    I gather that you are likely in England. Pony Club is available. Buy and read the Pony Club books.

    The people in charge of the new yard should be fully understanding of the right way to bring in new horses.

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  • 4 months ago

    It is best not to introduce the horse immediately. If the horses who need to meet each other can be stalled next to each other at night that is best. Or, one can put a new horse in an adjoining paddock. Also, introduce new types of food slowly. I keep a new horse on their old food on day one. 1/4 of new food and 3/4 of old food days 2-3, 1/2 of new and half of old on days 4-5, 3/4 of new and 1/4 of old on days 6-7 and be end of week one they are transitioned to new food (hay and supplements). This means you have to get a few days worth of food from the previous owner.

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