How long do 2015 BMWs last for?

I'm looking to get either a 2, 3, or 5 series BMW at about 35-50k miles. At what mileage do their engines start having problems? And are they major/expensive problems? Please offer any recommendations you may have or better options for vehicles. My other option is a 2016 Ford Mustang (EcoBoost).

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  • 12 months ago
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    I would definitely go with a BMW over a mustang. BMW usually have a problem period somewhere around 90-100k. They will most likely need water pump, thermostat, cooling system, spark plugs, etc. With the mustang you’ll probably be replacing a motor sooner or later, I know the newer mustangs have a big problem with head gaskets.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    You're only 20. You need to consider the insurance costs and that you'll be tied down with a big car payment too. Both cars will cost you a lot to insure but the mustang will be highest. Cool your jets and wait until you're 25 to buy a ''penis extenson''. In the mean time drive a Honda Cvic LX and save your hard-earned pennies

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