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Isn't a merit base Immigration system a racist policy to keep the poor from very impoverish countries out?

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    In any countries around the world, the poor outnumbers the middle class & the rich 13% in 1st world countries, 80% socialist or 3rd world countries, 99% in communist countries. Can the U.S. support 6.5 billion poor people who are poorly educated, if not at all, from 3rd world countries, there has to be limits. 600 million of the 3rd world's poor would like to illegally immigrate to the US. How exactly will they help the US. prosper. Is there a billion jobs, housing, & tax giveaways waiting for illegal immigrants with little or no education & create a billion job? 2 of the world's most populous countries (India/China) don't even have a billion jobs to employ all their citizens. Will they reduce crime, poverty, school overcrowding, & homelessness in the U.S. or will they ad to it? Not oppose to multiculturalism as long as those immigrating to any country contributes to the stability & prosperity of the adoptive country, but 600 million, of unskilled/low skilled illegal immigrants with little or no education certainly will not do that when 1/3 of illegals also end up homeless, 1/3 engage in criminal activities (Drug, Human, Child Trafficking, home invasions, rape, murder, extortion, identity theft), & 1/3 will be on government assistance paid for by U.S. citizens & Legal immigrants. Since WWI US population has tripled over crowding cities expanding into the wilderness pushing endangered wild life further into extinction.

    Up from the Foundation of the USA through the end of the Vietnam war Conquerors (Britain, Spain, France) Settlers & Legal immigrants didn't receive social welfare benefits (health-care, housing, food stamp, wix, sect. 8) from government. Innovative entrepreneurs & those that served in all the wars since the founding has sacrificed far more for the USA than recent immigrants & refugees. (D)s & the news Media are making it a god given right for Immigrants, refugees & specially Illegals to recieve welfare benefits just for simply stepping foot in the country. Legal Immigration were vetted rigorously before WWII & was numbering to 300,000 Max. Now Legal Immigration is 1 million+ (3 or more times than any country in the world), in addition, with 800K to 1 million+ illegal immigration annually as illegals are seeking to exploit the welfare system, sanctuary laws, & criminal opportunities. The incentives for illegal crossing in the southern border are mostly fraudulent in nature. Unaccompanied minors (teenagers: should be deported back to their parents or relatives in their country of origin immediately) will get welfare & housing with clubhouse amenities. Anchor babies will get welfare/housing assistance. Accompanied minors will get welfare as well. Illegals use false identities & fraudulent social security numbers. American citizens engaging in welfare fraud or any fraudulent schemes gets charge & imprisoned, but illegal aliens get sanctuary, especially the criminal element as they weren't deported.

    Before Lyndon Johnson's Presidency legal immigrants only came for work opportunities. They didn't receive social services, government assistance & only real refugees were seeking asylum. Lyndon Johnson's great society programs initially was for U.S. citizens, as it expanded with various duplicate programs under (D) leadership, illegal immigrants with minors (theirs or trafficked) & anchor babies are now being covered. (D)s seems to be more concerned with spending tax payers money to accommodate & welcome illegals than take care of U.S. citizens in deteriorating west coast cities, Flint, Detroit, NYC, Chicago, Baltimore... Baltimore is twice as dangerous than Guatemala for having double the murder rate. You can be sure that illegal immigrants will not be heading to Baltimore to replace the population (D)s wish they do in order to pressure Washington D.C. for more funding to loot or waste due to the pressures of exponential overcrowding in schools, clinics, public facilities, shelters, jails...

    The refugee act of 1980 is purely virtue signaling, it doesn't solve anything, but burden the country even further burden society, otherwise there wouldn't be a homeless problem. The Bill should be repeal or amended to a case by case basis. The 1980 refugee act made asylum automatic. In WWI, WWII, Korean War, (no great society duplicate programs to take advantage of) & Vietnam War, Refugees & Asylum were case by case basis. Not having a refugee act does not mean Real Refugees will not be granted Asylum. Many countries (non European or Europeanized (N, America/Australia) countries) without a refugee act accepts refugees, but they cannot or don't have the willingness to accept 10%-90% the population of any overloaded 3rd world countries' population as it puts tremendous pressure on the host country's land space, poverty, over crowding, crime, food supplies/ration, tax expenditures, cost of living, schools, health care, housing, waste & environmental pollutions. Transferring population overload from 3rd world countries to a less densely populous country doesn't help both countries, specially when criminal alien gangs are the ones that benefits operating in both countries.

    Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, China & Korea are model countries where foreigners can thrive as a minority, but it does not mean that, these country will allow themselves to be overrun, overtaken & usurped by foreigners who wish to take advantage or simply take their success for which they sacrificed for from 1,000 to 2,000+ years of contiguous civilization. Immigrants from E. Asia 1000-2000+ years contiguous civilization of self reliance & discipline are far more beneficial to help advance, maintain the stability & prosperity of any nation than tribal sub-Saharans, Amerindians & mestizos with lack of or 0 education from irresponsible & corrupt 3rd world countries. 3rd world countries are too dependent to European & Europeanized (N. America & Australia) countries that they are incapable of being self reliant, responsible, accountable, thus they end up like Haiti, Zimbabwe, S. Africa. Japanese society are lawful, disciplined honor bound people since the middle ages of Samurai era will likely prefers to maintain their homogeneity of 99% seeing how unruly, undisciplined, unlawful, & ungrateful illegal immigrants are throughout Europe & North America. Arabian, Persian, North Africa, or India will never allow their homogeneity to dwindle into a minority & allow foreigners to rule over them out of PC.

    No country in the world except the USA have 15-20 million illegal immigrants due to be Merit Based Legal Immigration system carried out by 95% of world countries & laws against Illegal Immigration are highly enforced. Illegal immigrants should be finger printed, DNA tested, criminal background check, chipped , then deported. If they want free-healthcare & welfare they or their country will have to pay for it with resources or land. If they want jobs then they can apply for seasonal work from their country, only if there are shortage & High School diploma is required. After the season ends they have to go back. If they want legal permanent residency then they have to have at least an associate degree from a legit college & apply legally from their country. Children of applicant can apply residency when they become an adult after High School. Children who has parents who are legal permanent residence or naturalized citizens wouldn't need an associate degree provided their parent have no felony conviction (fraud & felony conviction should lose permanent residency & banned for 10 years). Naturalization should take 10-15 years after 50 verbal test questions about US republic government system, 50 written questions (historical/government), & 10 or 20 interview questions about the 10 amendments & the bill of rights, answer must be opinion & feeling about the constitutional rights whether it should be for all or just some (elite or protected class). (extra means to vetting loyalty to prevent immigrants applying for citizenship whose loyalty lies with a foreign regime like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram…). Only natural born citizens & naturalized citizens should be allowed to run for council, DA, mayors, governor, congress, & senate. At least 1 parent has to be a citizen or naturalized (10-15 years no felonies) for birth-right citizen of a newborn, & limited, if not zero, social welfare advantages for illegal immigrants. American's don't have the right to illegally immigrate anywhere in the world. Whether under socialist or capitalist system uninvited non citizen/non residence don't have the legal right to illegally enter or trespass on communal residence/complex, private property or residence without permission. Illegally crossing or overstaying ones visa is not a right. Taking in refugees is out of the generosity of a country. A Legal Immigrant should have more right for having permission or invitation.

    (D)'s are using illegal immigrants as tools to gain more congressional seat in the same manner to how the slave state wanted full representation for the slave population for the slave states to have more power over the free states. (D) staffers are in Mexico coaching & abetting illegal immigrants to continue flooding the detention camps as they want the crisis to grow & pester this administration that is why they didn't prevent & discourage caravans after caravans from coming. They called it a Manufactured Crisis.

    If (D)s truly wish to help 3rd world countries, they should colonize & take over these corrupt regime & implement their virtuous utopian society (socialism, eugenics/planned parenthood, carbon tax...) so they can manage these countries properly & humanely.

    Source(s): Obama can help Kenya a great deal, if he becomes it's president for life. Kenya will become a 1st world modern country faster than Japan was able to do, but he'll need 20-30 million of his Sub Saharan descent American supporters to move & help manage the Kenyan economy & population. Obama can make deals with china to help Kenya look like Wakanda. (D)s can help these countries to determine their own destiny by ruling over 3rd world countries until they've matured to be accountable & responsible
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    I'm a Democrat, I support Trumps zero tolerance policy, I support a partial merit system combined with the current system.. And we already have merit based immigration incorporated.

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    My great grand parents came from poor towns in Poland. it was all cabbage and hemp, thats how they made all their money before they came here. Then they worked in crummy factories for the rest of their lives

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    Just what race are poor people?

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  • No it is not racist at all.

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