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Can a quantum computer divide by zero?

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    No. That's not how quantum computers or mathematics works. Quantum computers use superposition and entanglement to make encryption that's virtually impossible to break and they can also run multiple calculations at once but they still have to operate by the rules of mathematics.

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    No. It's a logical impossibility. Computers live off logic. You can multiply by 0. You always get 0. 4 times 0 is 0. Now try dividing 4 by 2. The answer, is of course 2. It is the same as saying '2 goes into 4 two times; 2 times 2 is four.

    But how many times does 0 'go into' 4? 0 times ANY number is 0. (again, 2 goes into 4 two times, 2 times 2 is four. You see? You cannot do the same thing with 0.

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