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I have 8 GB of ram why does it say only 6.9GB is usable?

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    Because the Operating System uses some of the RAM so it only displays what's available for you, the user to use. You can see the exact RAM memory by using CCleaner or CPU Z or other similar products.

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    cuz u have set swap partition or file

  • 12 months ago

    Some laptops don't have discrete graphics memory and use some of the system memory instead.

  • Steven
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    12 months ago

    There are some application is already installed in the system, so it take space to store information. That's the one of reason it shows 6.9 GB is usable.

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  • keerok
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    12 months ago

    Onboard graphics? OS reserved? There are others. It's like that nowadays.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    It means that one point one gig of Windows files are loaded into the ram! Leaving you with 6.9 gigs of usable memory. When you turn your computer on a certain amount of information loads into the ram. That portion of the ram cannot be used because it's your operating system. Now if you get something like CC cleaner and go to the start-up section startup manager and remove everything off of the list except your antivirus and the defragmentation schedule. It will give you more usable ram because Windows has a tendency to load a bunch of other programs at the time of startup that are not critical to the running of Windows like Skype and download manager and other things like that nature. They don't need to be running in the background so turn them off using the start manager.

  • Dick
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    12 months ago

    Note The amount of usable memory in the examples are not exact amounts. Usable memory is a calculated amount of the total physical memory minus "hardware reserved" memory.

    Cause: This is expected behavior on computers that are running Windows 7. The reduction in available system memory depends on the configuration of the following:

    The devices that are installed in the computer and the memory that is reserved by those devices

    The ability of the motherboard to handle memory

    The System BIOS version and settings

    The version of Windows that is installed.

    Other system settings

    Also, don't get miffed by the Usable RAM. If you have 8 GB to begin with and you boot up Windows then you are going to consume about 1 GB of RAM just to run Windows. Then if you go to a web page such as Yahoo or a similar page, it will consume another 1 GB or so because of it's large content. Everything you run, use, and do is going to consume RAM and you can only check it while your computer is running so you will never see 8 GB of RAM is only 8 GB is installed.

    I hope this helps.

  • Dave
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    12 months ago

    You more then likely have an onboard video card that also uses some of the dedicated RAM.

    Update: LOL, the single down vote is from the moron Statesboro PC doctor (Arimatthewdavies) who got roasted because he asked a question and answered his own question just for the sake of advertising his horrible business.

  • Kaz
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    12 months ago

    The operating system may be using the other 1.1GB.

  • 12 months ago

    My assumption would be, you have 8Gb total RAM, However the processes that your laptop/PC needs to run use the other 1.1GB. I had the same question when i bought my 64GB Ipod Touch a few years back. It was actually around 58-59GB available on the ipod its self for storage and i would assume the same applies to RAM. Hope this helped answer your question. x

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