I started making beaded bracelets and I don't know how to sell them so does anyone know how to sell them? And how can I sell them on etsy?

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  • B
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    5 months ago

    first, check out local church craft fairs, there are usually quite a few before thanksgiving, and pay the $50 to buy a spot and sell. if it goes well, you know you have something people are interested in. good luck to you.

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  • 6 months ago

    This is the thing. Every other person has 'made jewelry that everybody likes so they are going to sell it and make money'.

    The craft fairs and shows are packed with people who make homemade jewelry. There are TONS of websites started by people who sold a couple of necklaces at a craft show and think they can make thousands of dollars a year selling their jewelry on line.

    In reality they spend more on the advertising, materials and web page than they make on the jewelry.

    The only success stories I know of are 'Aquarius Custom Jewelry' and 'Alex and Ani'...and both of those companies lost money for years before they started making profits.

    This is not to say that you do not have a unique idea or design that everyone will fall in love with...but you need to know that the chances of success are slimmer than if you tried to sell Amway or Lularoe.

    So please visit the Excellence-Success site and read about business/starting a business before you start. I think there is also information about selling them on line....but if you use a service like SQUARE you may not have to worry about international sales.

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  • denise
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    6 months ago

    Maybe you could try and sell a few at a craft sale / church- charity sale, Then you could give out cards/info of your wares?

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  • 6 months ago

    Etsy has info on how to begin a store there. Your library probably also has Etsy 101 and Etsy for Dummies on their shelves.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Not easy see answer above, its very good.

    I would not worry about zoning license fees, taxes or insurance for years if ever.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Croft (cottage) Wears,

    flea markets, consignments, garage sales. internet (amazon.com etc.)

    Your biggest problem is:

    The labour,

    The materials,


    The Vending

    Will NEVER be at a cost that may be recovered through sales.

    How much did it cost for the materials,

    Cost of tools (prorated over 5 years)

    How much time did you spend crafting each item (at 15$ per hour).

    How much will shipping be.

    How much to travel to deliver, fuel and maintenance, including wear and tear of your vehicle.

    I will bet you gave no consideration to the Zoning, Most locales have restrictions on where a business may be

    License Fees, (governments don't like to lose a chance to take your money.)

    Tax Permit (Tax avoidance is a crime).

    Liability Insurance, Unlikely but business are sued for the silliest things.

    shipping DHL, UPS, FedEx, U.S.P.S. and don't forget Customs declarations

    In your browser Type: Customs duties and the name of the country


    • Nadeen6 months agoReport

      So if I wanted to sell my bracelets online... How do I ship them to different countries ? I don't really know a lot abt this

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