Damian asked in EnvironmentConservation · 6 months ago

How come people arn't outrage when Norway or Iceland hunt whales but people are outrage when Japan does it??????

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  • LAN
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    6 months ago

    Japan is the country responsible for the majority of whale hunting. Therefore they get the most press. Just like most of the illegals in this country come from our southern boarder. So they don't report on people from Europe, Asia or Africa that overstay visas to be identified as illegal.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Because Mr. Ching Chong, all of the above countries signed an agreement not to hunt more than a certain number of whaIes every year, but Japan is the only country that does not honor their agreement. l think the overlying issue is that Japan rareIy keeps to their agreements in general, and the internationaI community is aIready pretty annoyed by Japan (and east Asia in generaI). The entire worId wiII be out of whaIes because the Japanese refuse to give the whale population sufficient time to live and reproduce.

    • Damian6 months agoReport

      No need to be racist anonymous coward

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