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Could I just assume the rest of my ps4 is clean?

My ps4 has always been loud. I got it almost 5 years ago, and have never cleaned it. Besides the outsides. I decided to open it up today. All I was able to do was slide the top off, and slide the harddrive out. There wasnt. Very much dust at all. I couldn't go any further because I didnt have a torx screw. Cant find any in town, so I ordered one offline. But the harddrive looked clean, so was thinking if that looked clean, then chances are everything else is? Or are there other areas inside the console that attract more dust?

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  • 11 months ago

    I think the best thing to do is simply put it back together and use it.

    In any case, Don't Ever open a hard drive!

    They are assembled in "clean rooms"

    and tightly sealed against the intrusion of dust and other contaminants.

    Opening one is likely to ruin it.

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