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I ve 5.1 speakers need to repurpose it for pc via amp for surround sound.?

Amp is a bit old has VDP, tuner, CD inputs only. I ve hooked up the speakers. Once I plug the output from pc it will ask whether front, rear or center but I could connect only 1 input to amplifier. Because of this it works as stereo but I was wondering whether it is possible to get surround sound?

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    Not unless its a surround amp, with surround inputs (auxiliary or pre-amp (front/ back inputs) and usually, unless the Pc has separate jack outputs for surround Front/ back minimum.) Some might allow it in a particular mode of output select-able from the sound cards software. However, some sound card software is not model specific, and may show output modes your particular PC is not equipped (have jacks) for. Most Laptops, for example are only one jack systems (stereo). Many 5.1 sound cards will have two jacks, one for front out, one for rear out, and a third for a microphone or Sub-bass out select-able from the card's menu. You may still use synthesized surround modes on the amplifier to derive some rear channel information Obviously, and by definition you cannot get five channel sound from a two channel (stereo) amplifier.

    Not to be confusing, but there were, back in the day, circuits that would divert sounds common to both front stereo channels from the front speakers to rear speakers , expecting these sounds to be echos, ect, in the stereo signal. however this is not modern Surround, which dedicates a true recorded signal through a dedicated amplifier, one for each speaker. It was a primitive synthesizing method enhanced by speaker poling and is not used to record surround sound.

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    If your PC's audio output is stereo only, then that is what you will get from any speakers you connect to that output.

    Now, some systems might be able to give you fake 5.1 sound, by channeling the stereo signals to all six speakers. But, that's not actual 5.1 audio.

    You would be far better off throwing out that old crappy system and buying a proper home theater audio receiver, with a set of proper home audio speakers. I have five such systems in my house and they all sound great.

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    Your statements are difficult to understand without re-reading them several times.

    Connect the "front" output from the konfuzer to the CD input on the amplifier.

    There is a way to get a quasi-surround effect with a stereo amplifier,

    but it isn't as spectacular as proper surround:

    Connect the - terminals of two identical speakers together, but Not to anything else.

    Connect the + terminals of the speakers to the left and right + terminals on the amplifier.

    Play stereo material that has significant differences between its channels.

    Two good examples are "Cool Kids" and "Bright" by Echosmith.

    (I recently tested an old Sansui QRX-7500A 4-channel receiver using those songs,

    and it was a lot of fun to hear the results of them being "decoded" by the QS synthesizer.)

    The "rear" speakers will reproduce only the difference between the left and right channels,

    and there will be some spatial effect if the source has good separation.

    Of course, if you want anything like real surround sound,

    you will need an amplifier with the processing and output channels for it.

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