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Do you agree or disagree with the way my dad thinks?

I'm 25 and financially independent. I have a Bachelor's degree. I make $60,000/year. I feel like I can live comfortably. My dad always says things like "you could be doing so much better. You should try to get a job that pays $100,000 or more. Go get a Master's degree". His job pays over $200,000. He acts extremely unhappy with me. He's always like "you don't do anything".

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    Your dad is in the 97 percentile, if usa. That is, only 3% earn more. He is part of an era that exploits workers proven in charts since the 1980's at least. He is approximately from my generation. We grew up in a different time. With inflation accounted for at the start of my career I was earning a little more than you, and I did go part time for an MBA and with job performance, education credentials, and a drive to succeed, I also got to 6 figures salary and retired young about 10 years ago, and live comfortably in Las Vegas. That was my choice set.

    Your dad is not wrong, but he is different. We are each a bit different. He's only wrong to the extent of not allowing you to choose your life path. His advice extends into commands, probably not unlike his job. He is not treating you as a son/daughter, and instead treats you like a subordinate.

    Now, $60K@25yo is excellent. You seem satisfied with it. $60K in some places is tight and in others it is well off. You can look at the potential in your career to do better.

    I will offer my experience and wisdom in a bottom line.

    You need to do what makes YOU happy. You are an adult and you are not your dad. Sure, my parents wanted me to earn more, but they were proud when I was awarded my MBA and they were happy that I was happy. Hopefully, your dad only wants the best for you, and really, the best is that which makes you happy.

    Live within your means, set aside money for special vacations and life events, be outgoing to meet people. Keep a strong self-esteem and self-integrity. If you are happy in your job, and satisfied about life, try to explain that to your dad, and thank him for wanting the best for you. You may ask him what he sacrificed in life to get where he is at. How many hours? How many cancelled vacations? What about relationships? It is rare to get to that financial level and not give up things along the way. Did he ever take the time to learn that all people are due honor and respect, or was that lost on the chase for the dollar?

    You can decide if you want stronger credentials by working on them after your day job.

    The key is that it is now YOUR life and not somebody else's. You make your choices, and note his advice for what it is. Good luck to you and best wishes on your path to learn what life has to offer.

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    Tell him it's your life and fuuu off.

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    You're living comfortably, and objectively you're really well off for a 25 year old. I doubt you accomplished this by 'not doing anything'.

    It's always a good idea to look to the future too. Is your job stable? Are you good enough at what you do, and are there enough jobs around, that you can easily find another job in your field if you for whatever reason leave this company? Do you have room to grow in your career? Do you need more education to grow, or even to keep up with your field? That doesn't necessarily mean a Master's degree.

    Your income is ample to live comfortably now, but will it remain to be so? Costs rise, and what's comfortable now may be inadequate to your needs when you're 40 and (if that's what you want in life) have a family to support. I for instance would hate raising my kids in the apartment I loved when I was in my 20s.

    Your dad needs to butt out. But it's still a good idea to look beyond living comfortably today.

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    You're making more than me right now. I'm actually pretty happy right now, they're always things to be done and improvements to be made. You seem happier than your dad to be honest, from the short description. I'm sure he's great. Don't want to disrespect your family! But what does that $140,000 that he makes over you, do for how much he is able to appreciate things compared to how much that you're able to.

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    Lmao you don't have to be what your father expect

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    Am a reach truck driver for B&M warehouse working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week and my job pays under £20,000 a year... you should be happy earning 60,000 a year

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