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What happens if a martial artist bullies others?

My uncle told me the story about a HS bully no one dare to stand up to nor fight back.

That guy was just 5'9 but he strong and advanced in Krav Maga and had a black belt in BJJ. He used his skills to bully others. Everyone and my uncle were afraid of him.


What happens in that case? If a martial artist uses his skills to intimidate others for no reason other than for power and control and enjoys it?

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    A Smith and Wesson after dark will give him something to remember.

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    it depends. maybe hell end up in prison or run into someone one day who will **** him up. but the truth is bullies dont always get whats coming to them. there are some people in this world who are beyond the polices power to arrest. powerful people can bully you and then have you tortured and killed and get off scott free. martial arts doesnt give someone much power in the grand scheme of things.

  • He'll be unemployable because no company will hire someone like him, and he'll have plenty of time to bully people while he still lives at home when he's in his 40s and older (no woman will go out with him after he gets the inevitable domestic violence label).

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    Same thing that happens to everyone, call the police or any authorities to get a hold on him if he goes too far or stay away from him. It sounds like it wouldn't matter if he had gotten his belt taken away. But if his instructors had found out what he was doing, they would have cut him from the Academy. They can't really do anything too much about that part.

    This is what I'm assuming and basing off from my knowledge.

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