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Do you think there is a problem with improper dance training at some (recreational or professional) dance studios and dance schools or not?

In terms of rushing students into advanced dance technique (age- and technique-wise), putting ballet students en pointe too soon, poor dance teaching, improper advice by dance teachers, and possibly physical abuse in a few cases?

This question is not to disregard the presence of proper dance training and good dance teaching.


I agree that a dance teacher having good dance training (and possibly dance teaching courses) may possibly make it more likely that they will deliver good dance training to their students.

However, personally I don't believe that a dance teacher having received good or professional dance training or even professional dance teacher training courses necessarily guarantees that he or she will deliver good and safe dance teaching and teaching practices.

Update 2:

By "good dance training" I was referring to proper but not necessarily professional dance training, and by "professional dance training" I was referring to training at vocational/pre-professional dance schools, dance conservatories or a degree in dance at a university reputable for dance.

By "professional dance teacher training" I was referring to teacher training at professional ballet and dance academies.

Update 3:

I think it is extremely sad that some children (not just for dance specifically but in other areas too) are subjected to poor training that may lead to long-term effects and injury.

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  • edward
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    11 months ago

    People can seriously injure themselves if they aren’t trained properly. Example. Ariels are difficult to do for beginners. It’s basically a flip without using your hands. The person who taught dance at my school wasn’t a dancer himself so i could see how he might’ve thought it was easy. 12 kids went to the hospital that day with broken bones.

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  • 11 months ago

    I find this sort of thing absolutely outrageous..

    9 yrs old.

    Youtube thumbnail

    and this even worse..

    7 yrs old.

    Youtube thumbnail

    It doesn't matter how good a child is, and these two clearly are, but being good does not alter the conformation and growth plates of their feet... going on point at those ridiculous ages will change their feet.

    Tbh I find this sort of training totally irresponsible.

  • 11 months ago

    Yes to some recreational school. Especially true of a great many competition schools. If a school is truly a professional school then by its very definition the training would be proper. Students would not be rushed into pointe before they are ready. Some schools have what they call a “pre-professional” program that are very far from being that. When it comes to ballet training most professional schools will be an affiliate feeder school to a professional ballet company. There are a few professional stand alone schools but they are well known. Regarding good recreational schools, all you need to do is see where the teachers were trained and danced professionally to be assured of proper training. Dance teachers basically pass down the same training they received. Of course don’t neglect to check out the facility for proper flooring and size.

    Regarding physical abuse, fortunately that no loner is as prevalent as it once was. You may still find that in schools in China. Less likely in Russia where that way of training used to be the norm. Students in Russia were vigorously screen for body and facility so it was hard to push beyond natural capability because they all were capable of achievement. Years ago, I heard stories of threats with a burning cigarette if you didn’t get your leg higher. Competition schools often force students beyond their body’s ability causing injury and not the kind of training I would recommend to anyone,

    Edit for additional: I agree that the best trained teacher doesn’t guarantee that they are capable of doing the same for others. . However bad training of teachers guarantees bad training of students. Teachers teach what and how they have been taught. When I talk about what I consider good training it usually doesn’t mean a dance teacher’s course, but serious ballet training at a world class school usually followed by a ballet career then teaching after retirement from performing. Not all professional dancers are great teachers, but that reflects more their natural abilities to teach not their training.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    NOT one of my TOP TEN worries, no ..........................................

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