Best cinematic video settings on the Huawei P30 Pro?

I recently bought the P30 Pro and I absolutely love this phone. Absolutely great camera system onboard. As I am into filmmaking quite a bit, I was just curious as to which video settings are best for you lot on this phone for filmmaking? Should I film at a 21:9 or 16:9 aspect ratio? What resolution should I film at and what should I set the frames to? Let me know what you lot prefer and think, many thanks :)

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  • keerok
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    4 months ago
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    Video settings? I don't think your phone has the right video settings that matter. If Auto is available, that's the best one for you.

    Aspect ratio? Shoot at the same ratio as the TV you'll be playing the video in but if you don't know, 21:9 for really big TVs and 18:9 for smaller ones.

    Frame rate? Your phone's spec sheet states that video is shot with H.264 encoding at 60 frames per second in good light. Instead of worrying about settings and all, worry about getting good light. It's all in the light!

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    Why are you using a phone for making videos?

    Making an occasional video is one thing;

    making videos on a regular basis is another.

    If I was expecting to make a lot of videos,

    I would buy a decent camcorder.

    Always use the highest resolution possible.

    Use 16:9 (1.78) unless you want a "scope" aspect.

    The frame rate should be set according to the expected playback hardware.

    For ordinary TVs, that would be 30 FPS.

    • John P
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      The best power is to use the phone to call or research stores which will sell you a good camcorder.

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    Making a cinematic video is more about technique than camera settings. Using automatic settings and great techniques is far better than poor techniques and manual settings.

  • L
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    4 months ago


    If you truly are "into filmmaking quite a bit", then you should be using a device designed to capture video. Like a camcorder... not a smartphone that happens to capture video as a convenience feature. It is a smartphone.

    Sort of like asking which Swiss army knife you should use to be a master chef... None... a good knife set is the much better option. Or asking which Prius is best to haul dirt... In each case, they can do the job, but not very well.

    That does not mean your smartphone cannot capture good video - it can... but it is not "the choice" for serious "filmmaking".

    I occasionally add smartphone video to projects but the *main* camcorder is a Sony PXW-Z150...

    Resolution should always be highest available. These files will use more space, but they contain more video data - when editing/rendering, you can always compress and reduce resolution, but once captured at a lower resolution, it will not magically return, no matter how much you want it.

    As for 21:9 or 16:9 aspect ratio, that's up to you. Generally, when displayed during playback on a current ultra-wide-screen, you won't have top/bottom black bars as you would if in 16:9. Whether that is any "better" or "worse" is up to you. But keep in mind, 21:9 is the same as 7:3 (divide 21 and 9 by 3) which is more in line with standard definition 4:3.

    If your playback is on an ultra-wide screen, then 21:9.

    If your playback is on a more traditional widescreen, then 16:9...

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      Nevertheless, thank you for your answer my friend, I appreciate it mate.

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