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How to open videos on laptop after creating them ?

I created and edited a video on my laptop and exported it out to my desktop Space. When I go and try to watch the video, windows prompt me on “how do you want to open this file ?” What to do with this ? I do not have any video player applications.

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    How are you exporting your video files? It seems to me that you might be using some sort of codec/format that your computer doesn't know how to work with and not common. VLC, as Mike mentioned, is a very good and free media player that can play a lot of different media files.

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    download VLC player, its free.

    Just google it. VLC player.

    What did you use to edit / export it with? and what type of videofile was it exported as?

    You should have been able to open it. Its weird that it asked you what to use when windows has the windows media player.

    Try this: right click your video file, and click rename. Then name it "myvideo.mp4" (include the quotation marks)

    then press enter.

    Now double click it to see if it plays.

    If it still says the same thing then, right click on any open space and choose "undo rename" or you could rename the file back to how it was yourself. At this point, just download the VLC player to play it

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