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Diploma Difference, worthless?

I am one year from graduating, and I've been told I am capable of graduating with an Advanced Diploma; a diploma said to be a little lower than a Bachelor's Degree.

I promised my grandmother I would be the first in our family to graduate with an Advanced Diploma. Now that I am in the path to finally achieving it, I am pushing myself in school. I got very excited when I was told I would be graduating with an Advanced, that I raced home to tell my family, but I was immediately shot down.

My uncle, whom I live it, called the entire thing, and I quote, "That's a load of Bull Sh*t. You don't need that worthless thing to be successful, it's just a waste of time. I'm not downing the fact you'll get it, but you're chasing a path of wasted time."

My uncle attends George Mason University, and has a Bachelor's Degree and soon a Doctrine's. I don't want to argue, but I'm afraid to speak up for myself. I'm afraid that he'll make me feel useless and I'd break my promise.

Is this Advanced Diploma really all that worthless? What do I do?

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    Tell your uncle that he's a fool if he thinks he can skip getting a masters degree. What if HE fails EITHER the written or oral qualifying exams to become a Ph.D. and his committee refuses to retest him? I am assuming he is working on a Ph.D. a not a D. Ed.

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  • 5 months ago

    <>I laugh at behind,dear!Go and try more.What is then,a hesitation and a diploma,which brings yawn,I hated yawns!

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    5 months ago

    It's not the piece of paper that's going to get you any place in life if you educate yourself more and get more knowledge you'll be able to get a better job. Don't worry about the piece of paper it's not going to buy you a lot but the knowledge that you get certainly will. I lost my high school diploma back in the year 1979 and I could not get a new copy of it. I'm 58 years old now I went most of my life without a copy of my high school diploma. At the age of 58 I found a company that had an exact copy of what my diploma look like. And so I had to make me a copy I might diploma for $75 I now have a high school diploma. Just so I actually have a copy of one.

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