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How to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly?

What are some ways I can drop my blood pressure without meds from 154/88 to maybe 120/70? I think my BP rose this high because I've been eating a lot of salt lately (I know, bad idea) and felt a bit stressed. Besides reducing salt, what else can I do to lower it quickly? What should I eat?

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    I don't have the data in hand to make a full diagnostic, but I actually think that with such a "light" hypertension it's unlikely that your physician gives you medicines anyway (except if it's a secondary hypertension of course, and except if your heart has some particular predispositions). The first step is definitely to improve your diet (less salt, less animal/saturated fats but more "good fats", less calories, less alcohol, less coffee... ), as well as having more physical activity.

    About exercise, it should be noted that exercise doesn't need to really be intense in order to bring benefits for health. Intense exercises are only useful to improve athletic performances. For health, just a bit of walking everyday (like 15min to go to work, 15 min to come back, and a bit of walking and climbing stairs here and there at every small occasion) can already do wonders, plus a nice hike on Sunday for instance and you're done.

  • zeno
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    Do cardio every day for 30 minutes. A stationary

    Bike or treadmill. Use it like your trying to catch

    Up with someone and you break a sweat after

    A few minutes but you don't go full speed.

    Keep it brisk or swift but comfortable. Don't

    Wear yourself out. Also lift weights twice a

    Week and walk more. Also go back to natural

    Foods and get off fast food and junk food and

    Lower Your weight.

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    I don't know. am sorry

  • Marc
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    Change diet to healthy low fat, low sodium and get some exercise. Cardio workout 4xper least 30 minutes per day

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    Exercise, drink plenty of water, zero caffeine (tea, coffee, coke, energy drinks, chocolate...) and drastically reduce salt for a while.

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    But you need to do that weekly for months and maintain whatever level of fitness you choose to get to. That's what we should do, we are supposed to be active as the animals we are. That's really the only solution. Food isn't going to solve anythig properly long term. Your BP and pulse may fluctuate on account of your diet but exercise/physical fitness is the only way ultimately.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Drink hot cocoa, it opens up your arteries!

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    Eat a lot of garlic, drink a lot of water.

    But generally, blood pressure doesn't go down "quickly"

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