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What's the correct words to use when I want to wish my Israeli friend Y a happy Birthday. Y was born in Israel and lived in Israel most of?

his life (he speaks English) he is 28 years old. I lived in the USA most of my life & I became his friend last month while visiting Israel (now I'm back in New York) & today is his birthday

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    Yom Huledet Sameakh! If you're writing to him, יום הולדת שמח (remember Hebrew is written right to left). If you want to verbally say it to him, then note the kh is that throaty sound we really don't have in English. You probably heard it when you were in Israel so I hope you know how to pronounce it; if not, look up voiceless pharyngeal fricative for an example or replace it with a hard /h/ sound.

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    TNO got it, he gave a good answer this time.

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    Wanna make a jew real happy? Take out a ten dollar bill, spit on it and slap it on his bald spot, (don't forget to wash your hands immediately afterwards).

    If you really love that jew, replace spitting, with a dab of crazy glue and I bet he's gonna be a super happy little puppy bat.

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    You can say either "mazel tov!" (which literally translates to "good luck", but is used to mean "congratulations") or you can say "yom huledet sameakh!" (literally "happy birthday").

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