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All the paintings on the cave walls, all the ancient Roman and Greek early scriptures Chinese Aztec Australian Aboriginal .?

not one depicts the moon split in half.

Surely one must question his scriptures

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    Allah only intended for Arabs to see it. He went to great lengths to make that possible. In reality the moon was never split.

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    Please do read Al Quran , it is recorded in this last Holy Book of GOD, the Lord of all the worlds, send down for all mankind of the last generation till the dooms day.

    The Moon is being placed in Solar System as being a planet next to planet earth to be its satellite . So the Moon ,as one of the planets, rank 5th from the sun and rank 4th from Mercury , then when you open Al Quran to read this Chapter, the Moon or Al Qamarah , it is in Chapter 54 .

    Source(s): What does NASA say about Moon's ancient past, Moon splitting in Quran
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    I thought that happened in the 7th century...... maybe the papists covered it up

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