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Will I receive my 'adjusted' payslip from the company so that I can get my tax back?

I worked at boots recently and left the job. I was suppose to receive my salary last month. I got the payslip which took away around £100 in tax and didn’t receive the money. I finally received my money 3 weeks later but was taxed £200 after an adjustment needed to be made. I was sick on the last day therefore the payroll team had to adjust it.

Now in order to claim back my £200 in tax from HMRC ( I am a student) I need a payslip proof otherwise they will only give back £100 (which was the tax charge before the adjustment). When will HMRC receive the adjusted payslip from the boots company ?

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  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    HMRC do not receive payslips. They have an electronic transfer of tax paid either each week or monthly. Boots is a huge organisation, you should be talking to their payroll department.

    If you took another job then you would receive the tax back with your wages. If you are not going to work between now and next April you will receive the tax back then,as it is the end of the financial year.

    You seem to have been given wrong info somewhere, so ask to speak to payroll.


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  • 6 months ago

    Same question yesterday...just yesterday's answer please...

    Contact boots...

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