Do you believe in Ghost or demons?

Last night i was asleep. I awoke to my son who is 1 crying i went and picked him up and cuddled him back to sleep in my bed. Around 345am i felt a scratch on my hand which had been hanging off the bed. So i move it in fear. As its dark and well wtf scratched me? Anyways i lay there in panic for a little bit trying not to wake my baby or hubby. And in my mind think what it could have been. Then i look down and my baby is sliding to the edge of the bed. And he lets out a scream so loud it was a scream of fear. He was About to fall off so now i have him wrapped tight in my arms and tears coming down my face my baby is holding me so tight... This thing was pulling my baby!! In our house we sometimes see things or hear things but dont pay any mind to them. As it seems crazy. Idk i dont wanna sound crazy but.. This freaked me out.

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  • olivia
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    4 months ago

    God—the Creator of the universe—offers solid answers to man’s questions. His Word, the Bible, is the foundation for understanding both the visible and invisible world because God is Lord of both the natural and the supernatural. Regardless of whether a question concerns the origin of life or human souls, the first resource to check is God’s Word.

    Even new students of the Bible quickly notice that it never portrays souls as lingering after death. (The immediate destination of heaven or hell rules out that idea. See, for instance, Luke 16:22–23, Luke 23:43, and 2 Corinthians 5:8.) Yet Scripture bluntly affirms the existence of immaterial intelligences. Mark 5:2–15 details Jesus’s encounter with a man indwelt by a multitude of unclean spirits. Christ ordered them out but permitted them to enter a herd of swine. In Samaria, Philip preached and “unclean spirits, crying with a loud voice, came out of many who were possessed” (Acts 8:7). Later, Acts 19:14–17 tells of a man inhabited by a demon. The sons of Sceva tried to exorcise it, but the man attacked them. However, these aren’t ghosts; they’re demons—fallen angels—governed by Satan (Matthew 12:22–28).

    Bible scholar Charles Ryrie noted, “The very fact that demons can enter human or animal bodies shows they can pass through barriers that would restrict human beings. . . . Demons are not humans; neither are they God. But they are superhuman with superior intelligence and experience and powers. To deny the existence of demons is not skepticism; it only displays ignorance. To be unrealistic about their power is foolhardy.”2

    Interestingly, the Bible records one occasion when the living appeared to contact the dead. King Saul donned a disguise and visited a medium to summon the dead prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 28:7–21). An apparition that looked like Samuel appeared to the witch—causing her to cry out in fright.

    However, this passage doesn’t suggest that séances work, and it absolutely doesn’t condone witchcraft. Some scholars believe that God sent Samuel on this unique occasion.3 But others believe a demon was impersonating the prophet based on the fact that he made some false claims. For example, commentator John Gill notes that the apparition warned that all of Saul’s sons would die on the next day, but some survived.4

    Either way, the emphasis is that Saul had sunk so low that he tried to dabble in the occult, which God condemns. The next day Saul died.

    • Andrew4 months agoReport

      I'm not a "christian" because I'm not "saved" but what you're talking about there is absolutely true. I guess it's answered so I don't need to go into examples. I'll say this, though. I've watched those that dabble into the occult, and have seen their families over time. The destruction is absolute.

  • 4 months ago

    I never really did until me and my family lived in a haunted house for 5 years. I didn t even believe it until the very last event. There were plenty of events. But you don t want to really accept them. Then the day came for the grand finale and we all slept on one bed that night with every light in the house on.

    If you're asking if it's better believe it is. 100%. The only thing that never gets answered is; what does it mean? There's never an answer to that. It's completely random.

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