When will I hear back from the graduate schools I applied to?

Most of the graduate schools I applied to have a deadline of December 3rd but I planned on applying next month, in September. A lot of these programs don’t have “early admission” just a general deadline. When should I start hearing decisions back from them?

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  • MS
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    1 year ago

    Graduate schools usually don't start reviewing applications until the application deadline. So you won't likely hear anything back until sometime in January at the earliest, and that's often only by those programs that also do interviews. Final notification of acceptance is often made sometime in March. You might get confirmation that your materials were received, but that will be it until their review of applicants is complete.

  • 1 year ago

    Application deadlines for grad schools are commonly from mid-November to mid-December. After the holiday break, once all the materials are in, filed, etc., the Admissions Committee will begin reviewing all of the files. Expect acceptance to go out, depending on the school, around March, after committee members have reviewed every file, and met to discuss them.

    Remember it's a huge work load, and each department can have hundreds of applications. Professors on admissions committees have a huge workload, on top of their usual teaching & research.

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