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production of one music tune is hard, is it always impossible too?

Music take one,s time,and after wards whole,s time!See the example of a cake, it it worth at a hand,and the owner of a cake wanted to have it,is absorbed to the song,the cake is dropped down instead,so it is taking time,isn,t it?How are those?Are ((song)) production,going to be forgot?If yes:Is it safe, If no:Is it safe?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark

    All the sweet, green icing flowing down

    Someone left the cake out in the rain

    I don't think that I can take it

    'Cause it took so long to bake it

    And I'll never have that recipe again

    Oh, no

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  • Matt
    Lv 5
    10 months ago

    I'm insinting you learn the difference between , and '. Also remenber to but a space, ideally after each use of a comma.

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