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Your thoughts on going to college?

The way I see it, I do not want to go to college, I have literally zero motivation in anything that attend in college, be it studying ,listening to the lectures, or completing assignments. It bores me to death. This is also about to be my 3rd semester.

Let's say even if I make it through and graduate and get a degree, I don't see myself being happy. I have looked up many jobs and none of them are in my interests. Although as of now, I do have a slight idea of what to do which is to coach in certain activities online for some income and experience. Would like to hear your thoughts on this, thank you.

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    Here is the secret. Those who attend and succeed at college are generally highly motivated people that are more likely to be successful in the first place. College is the most common path to greater financial success, but it is not the only path. It takes a level of maturity and drive that it would appear you are presently lacking. It would appear to me that you are pretty much setting yourself up for failure regardless of what you choose to do, since you are discounting that you will be happy. Find something to occupy your time until you have the maturity to make basic life decisions.

    As for coaching and mentoring, know that you are going up against my business, and people pay $100 an hour for my employees with bachelor's degrees and pay me $300 an hour for my PhD. I wonder why anyone would want to pay to be coached by you. What DO you have to offer? Remember, the world does not owe you a thing, and you have to constantly improve yourself to be successful.

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      He is an ignorant ašshole who thinks only people who go to college are successful in life but in reality a lot of people are struggling to get jobs and never get jobs doing what they want to do and are in debt for the rest of their lives. Liesssssssssss C U N T

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    for sure yes one should do this

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    College works for some but is not for every one, there are a lot of us college grads driving trucks, mixing paint, and all other types of jobs that do not need a college degree. It works for the lucky some but not for all!

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      Sweetie there is fück all wrong with the jobs you mentioned, stuck up cünt.

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    You're investing good money into it. Why would you pay for something you don't want? I would always say "stick with it" but only you can decide if you want to be in school! Don't fall to the pressure of letting others decide for you. And time changes things: perhaps later you will get the desire back. I started school when I was 21. Stopped at 23. Later I got my Bachelor's at 43 and my Masters a few years ago. 'Better late than never' is the way I saw it!

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    Your idea about "coaching" for income and experience is totally unrealistic - you clearly stated in your query that you are pretty much unmotivated - people are NOT going to "hire" a "coach" without said "coach" having a ton of experience.

    You might want to take one of those vocational-interest tests, and look into one year certificate programs in areas that might interest you. Job outlooks are GREAT for pretty much all trades.

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    College provides opportunities for a better job and better life in the long run. Still, it's not for everyone and it is possible to be successful without college. It's just harder without the education.

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    I agree it would likely be a waste of time and money for you to go to college.

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    As long as you have no real plans, you might as well stay in college.

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    College is too easy and university portals are cool

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    Get a trade at least. Then decide if you want to go to college. Have something

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