How high can I get my GPA before I graduate?

I’ve admittedly not taken college too seriously. I would ditch class frequently and rarely would I ever study. About a year and a half ago I started getting frequent panic attacks at school and it quickly became too much to bear so I dropped out.

In the year since things have been looking up for me. I’ve gotten into decent shape physically, I’ve been reading a lot more, I’ve discovered a love for standup comedy, and I was even lucky enough to do some volunteer work.

My gap year is over now and I’m feeling ready and motivated to return to school. The only problem is due to my previous negligence my GPA has sunk to 2.0, with 54 credits completed and 66 more to go, what is the highest I could hypothetically get my GPA before graduation?

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  • 6 months ago

    Assuming 4.0 grades in all remaining classes to calculate

    maximum possible ending cumulative GPA :

    [(54 x 2.0) + (66 x 4.0)] / (54 + 66) = 3.1

    The above result is pretty intuitive. You completed about half your credits with a C average (2.0) . If you get all A's (4.0) in the remaining half of your credits, your overall average would be a B (3.0) .


    This website has a step-by-step guide to calculating GPA :

    The basic formula is

    GPA = (total grade points earned) / (total credits taken)

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