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Don't you just hate it when rich people pretend to be poor ?

Everytime I go collect an Amazon purchase, I am always shocked to see the most expensive purchases being made by people who outwardly behave like they are struggling financially.

It is only when I opened my eyes and did some digging I realized that a lot of the "small business owners" have dozens of "side hustles" but only one or two are legally registered.

For example...the self employed mechanic....may have apartments for rent, vehicles for rent, and a farm....but the only thing he is known for is his he still gets government assistance all whilst collecting tax free income from all his side jobs.

Heck, the hustlers often make more money than doctors or lawyers !

Yet these men will insist that they are "struggling businessmen"


What I hate is....people look at the Doctor, because he wears a coat and dresses nicely and assume he is the richest person in the hospital. A doctor has to dress nicely, because it is expected. But the Doctor's income is taxable, the doctor spends all his time at the hospital and has no time for side hustles unless he is the bigshot consultant.

Whereas I have met EMT workers who on their downtime work so many side jobs that their monthly salary is double of the Doctor...AND NON TAXABLE.

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    They annoy me because I have great fine taste & they don't so, I should have the money. Most wealthy people in America have a wolf in sheep's clothing moto. A lot just have bad taste & their egos are so big they're always dressing badly thinking it will hide the fact or something. People without money act like people with are showing off if they dress nice or have a fancy car & that has a lot to do with it too. I don't get the plain rich person thing at all.

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    "Hate it"? No, not at all. What bugs me is the newest millionaires who prance around with their bling. Most of my millionaire friends live quietly and may go out shopping at Walmart wearing old clothes because they're comfortable. I know one billionaire who flies coach class and wears a sweatsuit while doing it, having rented out his private jets for a huge profit.

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    Troll troll troll...

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    just because somebody is making money without paying taxes doesn't mean they aren't struggling. in fact, if they weren't struggling, they'd probably be paying taxes.

    if you are worried about them being frauds, just turn them in to the IRS, and they will get audited.

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    You're talking about people who commit fraud and lie on their taxes about their income...I still don't know if I would escalate my feelings to hatred though.

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    Welfare benefits are based on your total income.

    Unless these people are committing tax evasion, teh income from all their different "gigs" is included in their welfare eligibility.

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    Yes, there are lot of people who lie. But truth is truth.. So it comes out easily.

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    I believe that's called tax evasion. Income is income, no matter where you get it from. If you rent an apartment or car, make farm income, have residual income from acting or writing a TV show, sell random stuff you make on Etsy, or basically whore yourself out for a buck, you're supposed to claim every dime you make as income. If you don't, you're liable for what you don't claim. And especially if you fake a low income on paper, they will go after you.

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    What a load of BS, there is no way you can tell this from looking at the people picking up an Amazon purchase at I assume you mean one of their drop boxes.

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    No idea what you're talking about. Why would you "collect" an Amazon purchase when it can be delivered to your door? Where are you? And why do you object to people hustling to make a living? That seems very un-American of you.

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