10 Things to do to make a powerful and effective Business plan?

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  • 5 months ago

    A business plan needs sections on each of the following and a set of financial projections:






    Key Metrics


    Market Size

    Target Market


    Competitive Advantage

    Market Share

    Marketing Strategy

    Business Model

    Financials Summary

    Existing Investors

    Funding Requirements

    Exit Strategy

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  • 5 months ago

    1. Get a degree in accounting.

    2. Become a CPA

    3. Get a degree in Business Administration

    4. Study 2 semesters of Business Law

    5. Read at least 6 books about the Business you want to start.

    6. Get a job in the kind of business industry that is closest to the Business plan you want to make.

    7.Work in that industry at least 6 months.

    8. Do market research to see if that business is actually viable...what are the profit margins?

    9. Discover what supplies you will need to run the business.

    10. Discover how much space your business will need to operate and how much that space will cost.

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