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Last day of volleyball tryouts is tomorrow, and im scared I might get cut or not make the team?

Ive been playing for a few years, last year I played on the freshmen team. I did camp this summer and really practiced and improved so much. I honestly think I did really well at my position the first and second days of tryouts and I gave it my all. Today when my coach was setting up a game she kind of forgot what position I play.. lets say im a middle she said ok you and another girl come play middle thats what you are right? As if I had not been at camp and 2 days of tryouts. I know I dont suck. Im just scared because the 2 girls that play the same position as me might come off as better to her. What if I dont make it? it will literally be so embarrasing. And I know im better than 1 girl who shes noticed and talked to alot about the way she swings her arm.

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    good question!!

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  • 6 months ago

    It is life. Not everyone can be the best or great at everything let alone a few things. Just try your hardest. (looks like your tryouts may have passed already). Seek help, ask questions, show team support and camaraderie. Don't worry about your other team mates and how they play. This is about you. You need to be the best you can be. Just because you might be better than one of the girls at some things, there is a possibility that the coach see's something different than you do. Realize she see's both of you in action, you can't really see yourself. How you make your approach, if you call the balls (speak and say and help point out things) I go I go, I got it, out out in in, dink dink dink, block block block, short, long....things like that. If you don't or are not as vocal, and the other girl is, the coach may favor her for her ability to see and call plays and team spirit and support.

    Just keep working on you. It is all you can do. Good Luck!

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