What is it like studying in america? or studying abroad? How do you manage being alone and not being able to see your parents?

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  • drip
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    6 months ago
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    Where are you from? It is a culture shock to study abroad. Everything is different from food to how classes are held.

    My daughter did three month study aboard program in the UK. It was a great experience for her.

    She had classes and schedule tours, so she was kept busy. She tried to experience the culture there.

    It is common for students, who go direct to a university after high school, to live on campus. My daughter and I talked every day her freshman year and FaceTime often.

    Students get busy, get into a routine, meet friends. As time passes so does your home sickness, You learn to do your own laundry, take of yourself when sick, clean your place. You grow up

    US universities are very expensive for international students,

    A short study aboard program would be better,

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    • Lili
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      6 months agoReport

      Many top univesitis here do offer financial aid to foreign students. Ad take a look at this site. https://transferwise.com/gb/blog/funding-study-abroad-in-uk

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  • 6 months ago

    There are loads of ways to easily stay in touch - WhatsApp, Skype, email etc

    You're not required to be 'alone' - studying you'll be surrounded by other students

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  • 6 months ago

    It's like anything else, strange at first and then you adjust, get used to it, and hopefully thrive. You manage by managing. You figure it out in your own way, based on your own particular needs. Quite a few billion people have managed it before you, so it's likely that you'll manage it as well.

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  • 6 months ago

    If you are dependent on mommy & daddy, subject to homesickness, or in any way unable to live & act independently with the ability to adapt to different surroundings, you are NOT a good candidate to study abroad. It requires unusual levels of maturity, independence, self-sufficiency to be successful in studying abroad.

    With Skype, etc, you can keep in touch with parents by occasional phone calls. You can also fly home for school vacations (e.g. semester break, summer vacation), although that might get expensive. But if you cannot be without your parents (or other relatives, familiar friends, etc.) for weeks, even months, at a time, you better forget studying abroad until you are far more mature.

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