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Marvin asked in TravelUnited StatesBoston · 3 months ago

Washington, Boston, and New York trip suggestions.?

We are planning to spend two days in DC, two days in Boston, and two days in Manhatton. We will take the train between cities. Suggestions, must see items, etc.

No we do not plan to rent a car because I hate parking, etc We will walk and take tour buses.

Every time we take a holiday I have to drive. We waste too much time looking for parking. I am done with renting cars.


I managed to love 7 years as an adult with no car. I own a new SUV now and typically drive only on weekends because I hate parking, getting petrol, stopping at lights, etc. I pretty much hate everything about driving.

Update 2:

Yes, I am married. My wife does not drive. My in-laws fly in, and I have to drive them around.

Update 3:

Actually I am from LA, I just spent a lot of the last ten years in Singapore where everyone speaks UK.

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  • 3 months ago

    Taking the train between the three cities is practical, but if you mean your trip will be for a total of six days then it will not work. Realize changing cities will take most of the day, basically leaving you only an overnight in each place.

    If you actually mean your trip will be at least eight days (2 days in each city with 2 travel days) then still all you can do is visit a handful of highlights in each. Use travel guides to prioritize what you want to do/see and choose central locations for your hotels.

  • MS
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    3 months ago

    I wouldn't visit all 3, and if you do I wouldn't do it in that order (go Boston-NYC-DC or the reverse). You'll have a more enjoyable visit if you cut out one and allow yourself some more time in the other two.

    DC and NYC are especially easy to get around using public transportation. Boston is not bad.

    DC - visit the Smithsonian museums, Arlington cemetery, view the White House, tour the capitol, and visit some of the monuments (Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, etc).

    NYC - see a show, Central Park, Times Square, an observation tower (Top of the Rock is my favorite), 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

    Boston - Freedom Trail, Boston Common, Old North Church, Paul Revere House, Harvard's campus, harbor cruise.

    All 3 have baseball parks if you want to catch a game. Yankee Stadium (NYC) and Fenway Park (Boston) are iconic baseball locations.

    • MS
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      3 months agoReport

      Well, I'm sorry if that offended you but I would have no way of knowing that. Those are some of the most popular tourist sites in DC, and you asked for suggestions. You might want to check out things like Ford's Theater, Library of Congress, Georgetown, Newseum, Spy Museum, etc instead.

  • Cammie
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    3 months ago

    I would cut one or two of those destinations out of my plans .Two days in either city is not enough.

    You cannot do everything.

  • 3 months ago

    One thing I will tell you about downtown Boston — it is tiny. The T map looks like all the stations are equidistant — they’re not. Some of them are a block apart, and none of them are air conditioned. Look at a street map — you can probably walk wherever you’re going. Enjoy!

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  • drip
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    3 months ago

    Washington DC and NYC have excellent public transportation. And you can always use Uber or a taxi.

    From the UK? You would not survive NYC driving, it is horrid. No normal person would want to drive there.

    For me I would live inside the Smithsonian museums. There is something for everyone. Most tourist go to all the historic monuments.

    NYC has multiple tourist attraction. Try the Empire State building.

    Take a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty. Do see a Broadway show.

  • 3 months ago

    You don't need a car in any of those cities. Boston and Manhattan are walking cities and both have excellent and safe public transportation. When you to go to Boston stay downtown, my suggestion is the Back Bay area. From there you can walk or take the T to most tourist spots.

    In NYC, stay in Manhattan and you won't need a car.

    In DC, all the attractions with the possible exception of Arlington National Cemetery are in the area of the capital building, you can walk to all of them. Stay at hotel near the White House for a good location.

    The problem with the locations mentioned above is the hotels will cost more. If you want to save money on a hotel you would need to stay further away and may require a car to have schedule flexibility.

    Two days isn't very long in any of those locations. In Washington DC the most interesting attraction (my opinion) is the Smithsonian, where you could easily spend a week or more and not see it all.

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