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Gum disease?

I’ve realised my gums have receded a lot and the teeth between the receded parts hurt. I can see little gaps between my teeth. The gums are swollen and red/pink but don’t bleed. I get really bad depressive episodes so my oral hygiene gets neglected. I’m really scared now:( I’m going to the dentist next week but wanted to know what y’all say because all the people around me say I’ve nothing wrong with my teeth, using my hypochondria as an excuse to shut me up but I know this is an actual problem.


I went and the dentist said I had no gum disease or gum recession. Just some demineralisation while can be helped a bit.

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  • k w
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    12 months ago

    if you load up on full spectrum vitC with the Bioflavinoids/hesperin/rutin etc to 10 grams a day, you'll witness a change, so will the dentist. Dr. Linus Pauling used to take 19 grams a day of vit-C, but the article never said why, he lived into his 90's.....look around for sellers of full spectrum C, in 1000mg doses, Costco sells them, Vitacost, plenty of sellers best deals online usually but dentist appt next week

    buy a bottle at your local health food store...

  • 12 months ago

    Listen to your dentist, who knows about teeth. Be prepared for a big bill.

  • 12 months ago

    Gum disease is a bigger problem than tooth decay because gums are what keep the teeth from falling out. Wait until you've spoken to the dentist before you worry though, because worry can cause bigger problems than teeth!

  • Tavy
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    12 months ago

    Use a medicated mouthwash twice a day. Many of us have problems with our gums from time to time.

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