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I want to quit pointe but not ballet but whenever I bring it up my mom goes on about the money and late night practices. Help me please!?

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    Gain weight so you won't qualify to do ballet.

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    Pointe is part of ballet. It isn’t another dance genre. That being said, perhaps you were rushed into pointe shoes as someone else suggested. Pointe work can hurt if you aren’t strong enough to lift up out of your shoes. It can hurt if your shoes don’t fit right or if they aren’t replaced when they are dead. If the reason you want to quit is that you find it painful or that you find you aren’t being successful in pointe class it could be that you weren’t really ready yet. You should speak to your mom about this. Transition from flat to pointe should be almost seamless if you are in proper training. The last thing your mom wants is to have you get injured. If pointe work is something you can’t handle yet, you need to speak up to your mom and to your teachers. Often in recreational schools a teacher moves an entire class into pointe shoes regardless if all are ready. This practice should end because too many who aren’t ready for pointe yet are being injured this way.

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    It's difficult. Parents often expend quite a lot of money on their kid's pastimes and it's more than a little irritating when they then fail to show any grit and stick with it. On the other hand how are you to know at the outset whether something is a good fit for you, without trying. I'd suggest that you make some kind of gesture for money saving, to pay her back a little. Do more chores without pay, take a pocket money cut, get a job if you are old enough, or set a low limit on birthday and Christmas gifts until you've shown willing in the finance department. That way both of you get what you want.

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    Why do you want to quit pointe? How long have you been doing ballet, and how long have you been doing ballet en pointe? How old are you?

    You can talk to your mom, and ask her why she seems to want you to continue doing pointe. If you disagree with her, you can respectfully and calmly tell her the reasons you want to stop doing pointe and see whether or not your mom will let you do so.

    While I know there are ballet teachers who sometimes put students en pointe sooner, if you have had less than 3 years of at least 3 ballet classes a week, you could tell your mom that you think it is questionable that you should even be en pointe. If you have at least that amount of training in ballet, and think you lack the strength or technique to be en pointe, you can tell your mom that. Youths' bone maturation differ, but if you are younger than about 11-13/14 years old (and if you are under 13 you should not have a Yahoo Answers account) you can tell your mom that you may possibly be too young for pointe shoes.

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  • 4 months ago

    I did! Pointe can really f up your knees. I got a fracture from over-use in ballet and needed a really painful operation.

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      Sounds like you were rushed into pointe shoes before you were really ready. I’m sorry that happened to you.

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    Plug yourself, electric lady.

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