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Why does Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris claim Mike Brown was murdered by a police officer when Obama's own AG said it was a justified?


And numerous investigations came to the same conclusions?

Why are these two women trying to stir up controversies over a matter that is settled?

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    The reason is obvious - this is what resonates with their base. Objective facts - finding by the legal system - simply have no play in this sort of political game. But their willingness to make such statements also reflects on their personal willingness to espouse a nation that is not governed by laws and this SHOULD frighten people..

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    They're aiming for the BLACK RACIST ( BLM ) voter demographics. Remember: Hillary tried something similar, bringing Brown's mother and Trayvon Martin's mother onstage during one of her 2016 POTUS campaign shows.

    They're next target? LGBTQ: Can't wait to hear their pitch to THAT voter demographic.

    Bernie Sanders IS correct: The Democrat Party truly has imploded; it's idiots run rampant.

    Warren and Harris are greatly improving President Trump's re-election chances!!

    • oldprof
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      You are right. But maybe the GOP will not nominate Trump this time. There is nothing that says an incumbent POTUS must be the candidate for a Party. I wouldn't mind a moderate Republican, especially a civil one who doesn't irritate our allies and bring us closer to war with our enemies.

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    This is what we call Democrats doing what they do best: lying to Americans.

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    maybe the opinion is incorrect. or maybe they were trying to draw attention to a disconnect between police and inter city communities....and that example was dumb. the lying things though lol...donald trump. healthcare for everyone and better than obamacare day one. wall, who is paying?? background checks promised yet again. those sensible bump stock restrictions that never happened. simmer down with the stones and glass. houses. politicians lie. some lie so much a count has been going on.

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    Obama's job wasn't to do anything for blacks. Obama's term was to calm people down. We had just spent 8 years being sodomized & lied to by curious George. EVERYBODY was pissed. Even some conservatives. So a smooth talking well bhaved ***** was the pill to soothe all of that. That was his purpose. And that's wat he did. He wouldn't & probably COULDN'T do anything for black people even if he had wanted to. Remember the racist cop who threw the professor in jail for climbing in his own window?? Obama spoke on it and what happened? They whipped him like a slave & he ended up inviting that klansman to the white house for "beer sunday" or whatever. Barack was NOT here for 'us' so for him to make findings in favor of the kkkops is natural. He was a symbol to keep the masses quiet while he moved 4ward with the overseas assassinations & campaigns the Bushes began. Nothing more. His words on the murder of Trayvon all the way to the murder of Philando were the ramblings of an eloquent coward.

    • Tommy4 months agoReport

      And afterwards, he played the victim and got away with it. Now u people have made this coward a celebrity. Signing his autograph to Skittles bags because of the mutual hatred between our races. Obama was in a POSITION to put a stop to that. Yet he chose not to. Because he wasn't here for "blacks"

  • Nick
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    4 months ago

    They want the minority vote and nothing more.

  • Joseph
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    They are appealing to black voters, blacks have had a hard time in this country and are therefore a bit paranoid. They're just trying to turn black people's fear into votes. Low tactics? Yes but politics is a filthy business.

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      I recall a comment about that. Wish that I had thought of it. "Politics.; it ain't beanbag.

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    Ignorance, derangement. Amazing for a $400K Harvard professor and a former CA Attorney General.

  • Ryde0n
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    4 months ago

    The Democrats count on their constituents not having access to factual reporting ,,,,, of having really poor memories and so easily fooled .

    Source(s): They still think Jussie Smollette was attacked by two , White , MAGA hatted Trump campaign members .
    • River Euphrates
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      "count on their constituents not having access to factual reporting ,,,,, of having really poor memories and so easily fooled"

      Yeah, that doesn't describe Republicans too.... moron.

      -Registered Independent.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Cops protecting themselves from criminals does not fit their narrative.

  • 4 months ago

    They are morons. LOL

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