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Since when was singing like as difficult as rocket science?

I lost big time in a summer talent show singing Let It Go and was hoarse after going through the belting parts which hurt to go through and I sounded really awful.

I looked stuff on YouTube and how to sound better and there is all this rocket science stuff about registers and falsetto and chest and head voice and mixed belting and stuff

I found a lot more about diatonic and chromatic scale and relative pitch and stuff like that and wonder if any of this rocket science stuff is helping anyone sound better

Is this all quackery or is singing well as hard as rocket science?

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    It's not a good analogy. Music and rocket science are two different disciplines. It sounds as though you misused your voice. Perhaps a voice teacher can help you. Music theory provides a better understanding of music period, not just singing.

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  • 11 months ago

    Those of us with long and successful careers often have multiple degrees in music - to to be accepted into those programs, that was preceded by years and years of serious study/lessons. We were taught all the technique and skills to perform well, and also all the knowledge of music literature, history, style, etc. None of this is either quackery or rocket science. But it IS the product of education and years of humble work. Find a really good and qualified voice teacher. They will teach you what to do - but lose the*attitude*. You only hold yourself back.

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  • susan
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    11 months ago

    I believe there is something to it. All professional singers do those voice exercises and train their voices, so that they can sing night after night without having a sore throat all the time.

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