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When is the best time for a dancer to audition for a dance agency? Should they wait years or just a few months?

When do you feel is the best time for a dancer to audition for an agency? When do you feel that you’re good enough for that?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You don’t get an agent until you have already worked professionally. Agents don’t work with amateurs unless they are a scam agency. Agents work only with someone who has already worked professionally with a strong resume. Agents know that dancers who have worked professionally can pick up steps quickly or they wouldn’t be hired. Many professional commercial dancers don’t use an agent but get hired via the choreographer that they have worked with before. Bottom line is if you are asking this here you are no where near ready to be thinking about an agent.

    * Note: just looked at your previous questions. Did you ever make it into that performing arts high school you asked about three years ago? If yes, they would have told you how to proceed. If not, if you weren’t good enough and got cut after the audition there is no way you will have the required skill or talent to get a dance career. Only the top few in performing arts school actually get a dance career. The rest end up as recreational dance school teachers or try something else. The fact that you said you hate ballet and would never take a class leads me to believe you didn’t make the cut. Even Michael Jackson took ballet classes. All professional dancers take ballet unless you are a tap dancer, belly dancer or some ethnic dancer. Even then, many of those dancers still take ballet.

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  • 5 months ago

    You left out a lot of the dancer just starting, have they been in lessons for years? How old? What styles? What type of dance studio- competition, ballet focused, recreational? What are the dancer's goals? What is the dancer's skill level....answer some of those and we will be able to give you better information.

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