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Lenovo 130 15AST laptop. Does this have the Lenovo "OneKey Recovery" program?

I can't find a definitive answer online. Some pages of specs for the laptop don't mention the program at all. But others indicate it has a Windows 10 reset option, but not the Lenovo OneKey program to restore to factory settings from the Lenovo partition. Does this laptop have the program or does it only have the Windows 10 reset?


Lenovo - 130-15AST 15.6" Laptop - AMD A9-Series - 4GB Memory - AMD Radeon R5 - 128GB SSD.

Update 2:

@VP. Thanks for posting the link. It does say some Lenovo models don't have the OneKey, but doesn't specify which ones. Since the computer I'm interested in has a relatively small storage memory, it could be it's one of the laptops Lenovo made without a separate "Lenovo" partition or its usual OneKey quick restore, and is relying on the Windows "reset" for reformatting. I don't know. Does anyone else have the answer?

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