How can I change the ignition switch half the key is broken off inside on this 2002 Saab 9-3? I have replacement ignition switch.?

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  • 3 months ago

    if half of the key is broken off inside the ignition it should be relatively easy to put the piece of the key into the ignition that is not broken off and turn it to the accessory position and put something in the little hole that releases the cylinder and the whole cylinder will slide out and you can very easily insert a new cylinder and a new key or you can just slide the broken piece out of the cylinder a locksmith can do that for you in five minutes flat. or you can look it up on YouTube how to get the cylinder out you don't have to replace the whole switch you're looking at five minute job especially with the part of the key still broken inside of the lock it should turn if you put the other half of the key into it.

    • ÃcÄLÿTè3 months agoReport

      I put the other half in and try to turn and it wont move at all, watched youtube video guy used allen wrench to pop it out but its stuck.

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