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Neighbor discretion advice? Is my neighbor correct?

My neighbor just got a new wooden fence built in between my house and his. I grow a small vegetable garden that grows on my property that runs parallel to his fence and I water it using a sprinkler. In one instance, the sprinkler had to be raised because it wasn't watering the whole garden. So a few drops of water were going into his driveway in his yard behind his fence and he tells me that I can't have water from the sprinkler be hitting his car (Just a few drops every minute). But now, this time a few days after he complained about the first issue, he now sad that water from my sprinkler is hitting his fence and he told me that can't have water hitting his fence. (He actually trespassed into my yard, went into my garden and seen that about 10 feet of his fence had water on it from the sprinkler being on for 10 minutes). And I told him that rain water does more damage to the fence than my sprinkler. The fence is double paneled wood, so no water goes through the fence while the sprinkler water hits it. My question is: Do you think that it is against the law to water your garden and have a little water hit your neighbors fence. His complaining just seems so ridiculous and petty in my opinion. Is that your opinion as well?

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  • 12 months ago

    The neighbor is CORRECT. Find another way to water your area without getting water in his area.

  • John
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    12 months ago

    Yes he is correct.

  • 12 months ago

    It's hard to take you seriously if you post anonymously. It's not like your mean ol' neighbor will read this and recognize you.

  • 1 year ago

    Get a soaker hose...problem solved.

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  • 1 year ago

    Your neighbor is an assaholic. Reminiscent of a neighbor I once had, which caused me to create that special word for him. Some people just are addicted to being an a$$.

    My neighbor also had issue with me watering my garden when some water drops landed on his driveway. He complained to me, but I ignored him. I can understand if the water was hitting his car due to possible water stains, but that was not the issue as the water was grazing his town issued trash bins.

    Anyway, he was so pissed off that I ignored him that he went and parked his golf cart on the public road where sprinkler water was overshooting. The next thing I know, the police were at my door because the neighbor claimed I turned on the sprinkler to get his golf cart seats wet. Well, the police were familiar with the assaholic next door due to years of complaints from everyone on our street. The cop was no dummy as he realized the area under the golf cart was wet, so it was obvious that the neighbor parked his golf cart there AFTER my sprinkler was turned on and tried to set me up. The police ended up giving him a ticket for not following the towns rules on Golf Cart usage. (he needed to have insurance on it and a head light and a six foot pole with a red flag). Poetic justice. You cannot fix stupid.

    About your sprinkler....since your neighbor has some mental issues, this situation can escalate and trust me, he can make your life miserable, he can and he will. I would get one of those hoses that are a soaker hoses. It is a hose that you wind in and around your garden. The hose has a bunch of holes in it and when water goes through it, the water leaches out into the ground. That will not "water" his fence. I know, I know, you should not even HAVE to buy a soaker hose, but to keep the peace, it may be a good investment. Sure, you could jump through hoops and please him for manipulating you, but install the soaker hose when he is not home. He will wonder how on earth your garden is flourishing. Also, a soaker hose is a huge saver on water consumption as well. Put the hose down, cover it with mulch to increase water retention and watch him scratch his head. LOL

    Remember, you cannot fix stupid and in the interest of living next to an assaholic in as much peace as possible, sometimes you have to reason with unreasonable and come up with creative solutions for "ridiculous problems".

    You would not believe the bullsheet I put up with at the hands of my neighbor, his wife and his teenage kids. I could honestly write a very captivating book on the subject. My advise to you is to imagine your body is coated with wax, so whatever that idiot next door does or says will bead up on you and fall to the ground, like water on a freshly waxed car. Ignore the ignorant.

    I will say that once I put up surveillance cameras, the assaholic backed down because, well, because he is a cowardly bully.

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot about something the assaholic did. After he received his ticket for not having his Golf Cart "road worthy", he set his automatic sprinkler to go on at 1am to shoot water 15 feet into our back yard over my seating that had cushions on them, saturating my cushions. I only realized this when I happen to wake up to use the bathroom when I heard his sprinklers. So, since I am a night owl, I removed the cushions before I went to bed. My son woke up very early for work, so he put the cushions back before he left for work. Now, mind you, in the mean while, all that water was watering my lawn and it was looking pretty good; at the water consumption costs of my assaholic neighbor. Assaholicism personified! Ha!! He is such an idiot that it took him about three weeks to realize I outsmarted him. Well, I have to admit, I reported his sprinkler usage because we had water bans on weekends that prevented lawn watering. He got another summons for that!! Like I said, you cannot fix stupid. Like he thought I would not also record that activity on my surveillance cameras. He was so easy to outsmart!!

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Well, the only thing I can see you DOING FOR HIM is watering the grass in his yard(in otherwords you are wasting water on him and paying for it too.) Why would you want to do that?

    I tend to be CHEAP and make sure all the water I use stays in my yard. .. so never had an issue and the neighbor does the same. There is so many different types of sprinklers so get a more directional one so you don't do the fence as no veges grow on the fence.

    Water & rain are the same thing....however his driveway is not the fence line so you are shooting well into his property.

    . Now we all have different hobbies, mine is sanding off the paint on steel cars and repainting them(something you do on dry days...the baring of metal and the painting.(ergo dry days= no rusty metal) Your sprinkles should not be something I need figure with, to mess up my activities.

    . The sprinkles coming from an out of control sprinkler on a perfectly dry day is an infringement on his rights to do what he wants by you and your disregard for other peoples activities in their own yard.

    . Why make neighbors mad at you when it is something you can correct?

    Likewise the neighbor will be considerate of your property and not litter it with headless chickens.,,still flapping...that he carelessly threw over the fence.(or something like that...I was going to say beer cans but the headless chickens make a better impression about how ridiculous all of this is and what you can do to fix it.) Do your part and it tends to go away. If you got to get a different sprinkler or move it twice then do that. It is much less hassle.

    You say water is hitting his car? You are deserving of a rotten chicken being tossed at you. His car is in his yard. Maybe has a fresh coat of paint and you just fuckled it up. How is this not "COMMON SENSE" to you?

  • chris
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    1 year ago

    In all honesty, since a fence has to be on the owners property by law, (in some places, this can be up to a 4" setback that I know of) you actually have no right to even touch his fence since you would be crossing the property line to do it. Therefore, you "are" spraying water of his property that he must maintain and if the fence rots due to your garden being up against it or excessive water damage from your sprinkler, He "can" take you to court for the damages.

    The cheapest way to avoid this conflict would be to install a soaker hose in your garden and avoid using a sprinkler. It's better for the plants also.


    Look! You got some good advice and some really, really bad advice on here! You know you didn't pay a dime to have a nice fence next to your yard! You didn't labor and sacrifice to save money for it! In ten years when that fence is rotted and falling down, are you going to be proud of your property?

    Whether your neighbor is an asshat or not, you must know that what you are doing is wrong and disrespectful. So, why are you doing it when you have other options?

    Be the bigger person here and be glad you got something for free!

    As far as him coming on your property without permission, That's a totally different subject and should be handled as such.

  • 1 year ago

    He is definitely being a pill, but water can ultimately damage the fence, so I guess he has a point. If you can afford it, switch to drip irrigation — root watering is much more effective and uses much less water. The side effect of placating your neighbor will make your life more peaceful.

  • 1 year ago

    Just build a fence beside your neighbor's fence, but on your property.

  • Teva
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    1 year ago

    I think it's not worth arguing about such petty things. Unless you nip this in the bud it will escalate and your life will become a misery. Get a sprinkler that only sprays in one direction, put it by the fence, and point it in the direction of your lawn.

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