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what is it with a lot of new age people from the west and having a buddha statue in their homes?

something I just notice watching a lot of youtube videos, interviews, etc.

always those new age types that have a buddha statue in the corner talking about how spiritual they are, how much they meditate, how much yoga they do LOL


nothing against it.

just find it really typical to the point of being kitsch

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  • Koi
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    11 months ago
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    They think it's a decoration. I'd never join the bhuddist subreddit because I know it's full of western people misinterpreting bhuddist teaching because they are lazy and being Christians is seen as hard work compared to chilling and being zen and all that. I lived with a Chinese bhuddist. He was completely different in how he practiced his religion. It wasn't this watered-down, anything-goes attitude of western bhuddists.

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  • 11 months ago

    It's a "thing" to have a buddha statue and do yoga these days. Yoga is good exercise. I do yoga often. I do not have a buddah in the house.

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  • The statue is a representation of idolatry, if anything they will have some answers, it is not from Buddha, but from Satan!

    Buddha was fat, before leaving this land, became thin, like a stick?

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  • sarah
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    11 months ago

    The bible clearly says not to have any gravel images of false God's. so that is not something we would want in our house. You do not want to encourage the fallen angels to come into our homes.

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