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How can I get a flat stomach and a big butt?

Roughly how much weight do I need to lose and what exercises would I need to do? Should I cut out carbs? Usually what I do to lose weight is take CLA pills, skip eating 2 days a week, have one meal a day, three of those meals being under 500 calories each, and then the other two meals are cheat days. Does that plan work?

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    CLA pills are useless, you will get that from a good diet anyway.

    SKipping eating 2 days a week should be done with care you are better getting your calorie count in general down each day rather than fasting like that.

    For bigger butt you would be better soing weights, squats/deadlifts are good for building butt muscles/

    500 calories a day is far too low, for a male the lowest recommended is 1500 calories a day or you will struggle to get the required vitamins/protein etc you need in a day for health.

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    Your diet plan is awful. Literally one of the worst possible ideas.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Vape nicotine or liquid diet

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