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Why do people lie and say their younger then they really are. When if you really want to impress people you say your older then you are.?

It is true most people will know your fos or look really old for your age but if you say your 70 when your really 50 instead of 40 people will be more likely to believe you and be more impressed.

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    imo women often do this thus the whole silly saying "never ask a woman how old she is; that is considered disrespectful" it's not disrespectful compared to them lying about their age or them being able to ask a man how old he is.

    i think it's because they tend to look older then their actual age thus why they lie. this is why when people say they are 60 years old but really are only 40 people are surprised because they look so damn young versus when you say you are 40 but you look 60. people begin to think like "wtf she is only 40 but looks so old" and assume maybe she hasn't taken care of herself as much as she should have or does drugs ( drugs tend to make you look older then you actually are well some do ).

    either way you look at it the people that do this are just lying to themselves because no matter what you tell someone it doesn't change the fact that 1. your still X years old and 2. people will judge you no matter what. you could look good and attract a lot of men and people might think it's cause your a h0e. people judge in general you can't stop that.

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      I know best to tell the truth or just not say anything. No matter who you are someone will judge you on something.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Because it shouldn’t matter anyway

    But some people ask the question

    Like it matters

    Then in the same breath they say age doesn’t matter

    Well if age doesn’t matter

    Then why are you asking my age?

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Because their embarrassed to be so old.

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