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What veggies should a rabbit eat daily or all week? Should I change it weekly? I see too much of the same can cause problems?

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    Romaine lettuce daily, then switch up the other two veggies every day, having them on a rotation is best. Kale, Dandelions (they can eat whole dandelion), Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Celery, clovers and so much more are great for your rabbit! Just make sure you make sure something is safe for your rabbit before feeding it to them. Fruits and things like carrots should not be fed to them any more than once a week and even then should be less than the size of your finger as they are too sugary for them. Things like spinach and collard greens should be fed sparingly also due to them having high levels of oxalates. Avoid feeding your rabbit nuts or seeds and try feeding them the least amount of unnatural food as possible (ie. Pellets, pellets are good if you dont think your rabbit is getting all the nutrients they need so in that case Timothy non colored pellets are best. Unnatural treats however should be avoided). Hay should be unlimited to them, Timothy or orchard grass are best.

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      Also when introducing your rabbit to new foods make sure you do it very slowly, as if you were introducing it to a human baby, possibly even slower than that😂

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    I would look up a list on the internet, because there are some things they cannot eat.

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    When it comes to greens there are a couple things to consider first. If we say a rabbit should get 2-4 cups of greens daily, the worst thing to do would be to suddenly start offering that much to a rabbit that has not first been slowly introduced to greens.

    It also would be dangerous to offer any greens to a rabbit under 12 weeks of age (unless you know for sure that his momma was receiving greens throughout her pregnancy and while nursing).

    Greens should be introduced just one type at a time until you end up with a list that has a variety of greens. (think more in terms of 'greens' than 'veggies') So you start out offering...say basil. You offer a sprig of that and see if he eats it. If he does, then keep an eye on his poos. Offer a bit more basil each day for several days in a row. If his poos continue to look normal, then you know that your particular rabbit is fine with basil -- first green on your list.

    Then try...say... romaine lettuce. Same thing. Offer a bit to start and continue offering more each day for several days. No change in poos? then that's #2 on your list.

    Continue until you have a variety of greens. Slowly build up to feeding 2-4 cups per day. If you ever want to try a new one, go through the same thing.

    Carrots are considered a treat - too high in sugar.

    With those greens, be sure bunny always has unlimited hay and (if over 6 months of age) a measured amount of pellets.

    You can read more here at my website:

    For example, certain greens are fine to feed daily while others should only be fed occasionally. There is a list to get started there as well.

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  • 11 months ago

    There is a list here.

    Each time you buy veggies its best to get something different. Variety is important.

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  • 11 months ago

    I would recommend you look up safe fresh food for rabbits. Like us some rabbits will like somethings and not others so it trial and error to find what yours like. Rabbits should have fresh veg every day but you need to introduce new stuff in small amounts as not to upset their tummies. Fruit and carrots should only be given once of twice a week as they are high in sugar and dont give them to much stuff high in calcium like curly kale as this can cause bladder issues like sludge. Mine like it when I give them planted herbs like basil .

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  • Jo
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    11 months ago

    Lettuce, celery, leaf, grass, cabbages. I rotate those around for my rabbits. NEVER feed them carrots, those are very bad for them.

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