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Or is our vision only something made by our brain? Is world as we see it?

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    Various possibilities exist ...... even that there is no world and it's all just in our mind...... what however seems relevant and important is the fact that what we see, whether objects or system, seems to be consistent over time and any change appears reasonable in terms of cause and effect

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    I do. I'm also sure some people do as well

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    you have to meditate to develop a real vision of the world

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    You must know Ciro that the world is the-way-that-we-see it....

    (e.g. the news excluding the small amount of fake stuff within)…

    yet with OUR OWN BRAIN'S SUBJECTIVE & subjectively made input.

    This then short explanation can be followed with some more true Facts,

    facts of an Objectively critical input WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT WORK.

    And by `work` I mean that we see a lot of our world as in a sort of closed

    environment - an area of true & wrong facts which sometimes not-only

    cloud-our-vision but also ENHANCE our views.

    Especially in this here category called Philosophy.^

    Source(s): ^ this category called philosophy but which has plenty of commentators or answers which fail-to-fully-utilise their `objective abilities` so to speak. They refue-to-see that philosophy can move Away from its KNOWN BAD non-critical & NON-critically Thinking brain skills....into today's better Environment of objectively enhanced....critically thinking ideas AND brain/ mind behaviour.
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  • Jorge
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    3 months ago

    It depends of our consciousness. When the lion see a beautiful woman he sees food. When a lusty man see her, he sees sex object. When a saint see her, he sees a servant of God.

    Consciousness is the cause of our vision, no our blunt senses, mind and brain.

    You can understand and see the world (life and universe affairs) depending of how your consciousness is developed.

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    The world, as it exists within one's mind, is a conceptual representation of the world as it exists outside of one's mind. What we "see" is the world that exists within the mind, and every concept-forming being has their own version. Every version is based on the sensory stimuli that an individual receives. Every individual has it's own perspective, abilities, and mental processes, so it is no wonder that the many conceptual representations we produce vary.

  • We see beyond the world as it is now. We see the potential which it might become. And to see these possibilities we have delineated some ‘ideas’ which we use to assemble possible worlds in our minds. The world as it is is a bunch of ideas in our minds. And the world as it might be, assembled by more ideas.

    We live in a virtual world for it is the only way to live. There is no real world for us. No way to know the world than by construction. And even the world is but a shadow of the absolute.

    What we have is what is useful. It does not matter if the world is fundamentally imperfect. It serves and that is what matters.

    We live in uncertainty fundamentally. To be strong we must construct a set of beliefs. Cornerstones of our grand temple to what’s right. It may turn out to be more real than reality. What is real than a feeling of the ideal; an inner knowledge of how the world should be even though it isn’t.

  • Shahid
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    It is impossible to see otherwise, to see anything other than what the world is, the way the world really is. It is always one and the same world that we see, but often from shifting viewpoints of space, time and of a state of mind. This is where the viewer and the viewed, the observer and the observed, is but one. The imaginative and reflecting mind, the sensing brain, the psychological and the physical, both are just as much part of what we call a world as anything. Then, how could the mind come up with something of its own, how could the brain sense something if it was not there.

    It seems our imagination interferes with our seeing, but shaping reshapes and contorting the realistic impression of the world that we get through our senses. But to imagine is just as natural as it is to think or feel. What we can imagine might not look very real, it might be surreal, but imagination itself is all real. A pink elephant with mile-long legs might not be found thumping around on the plains of Africa, but one can be in imagination, and just as it could be imagined it could be traced on paper. And therefore, real, and just as much part of the world as an elephant made of flesh and bones.

    There is a world for us all to see and know that the world exists. We all see that world from our slightly different vantage points, as of our individual persons, and this is the proof that we all exist in our individual capacities. Imagine what would happen if all people would see the world in the same way: no difference of opinion, to debate, no agreements of disagreements no conversation or the use of language, and ultimately no individual mind, just one frame showing a still scene.

    This is real that we all exist individually. This is real that we exist as different parts of one world. This, therefore, is also real that we see that same one world differently. I can be at one place in the city and my friend can be at another. We both are in the same city, but since we are not exactly at the same place, we are bound to have different views of the same city.

    The uncertainty looms in those minds that develop an error of perception when they start believing themselves to be a thing aside from the world, that they are an observer looking at something outside – the only thing that is in the mind and is not real is absolute objectivity.

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    3 months ago

    I suspect the subconscious directs one's attention to things that validate what one believes. Otherwise, given no choice but to see something that contradicts a belief, one usually stops to rationalize disregard for it - as in it's "fake" or they're not seeing it accurately or whatever.

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    3 months ago

    Most likely the universe is a computer simulation. All it is, is data.

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